Aim2Excel originated from the demands of the marketplace to provide solutions to the cost of design, procurement, management & budgeting of the products and services required in the areas of Managed Print (procurement, inventory, manufacturing and distribution) to also include Promotional Products & Corporate Branded Apparel Programs.

We are a solutions company that approaches the marketplace with specific strategies and tactical plans to achieve your goals.

Our Vision is to help you minimize the overall cost of procuring and managing the aforementioned. The administration of procuring & paying for product can be as much 20-30 times the actual cost of product. If errors are made the cost can double in the process.

Our Mission is to access your current circumstance in the disciplines of Print, Promotions & Apparel. After an assessment is made a program will be proposed by A2E to minimize the process of ordering, inventory and replenishment. After the solution has been installed we assist you in managing a sustainable cost program by providing the data you need to manage product. 

We represent over 230 manufacturers of quality products and services that we can utilize to resolve your needs. We presently have 100 clients that we have provided solutions for.

We incorporate on line ordering programs that provide 24/7 service for your custom needs. We provide summary billing to reduce the excessive paperwork in check processing and accounting.

 We provide the ability to charge your purchases to a credit or debit card.

Most importantly we are a resourceful solutions based company. We have an extraordinary ability to meet your needs in your timeframes.

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