Our Vision

Our Vision is to help you minimize the overall cost of procuring and managing the aforementioned. The administration of procuring & paying for product can be as much 20-30 times the actual cost of product. If errors are made the cost can double in the process.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to access your current circumstance in the disciplines of Print, Promotions & Apparel. After an assessment is made a program will be proposed by A2E to minimize the process of ordering, inventory and replenishment. After the solution has been installed we assist you in managing a sustainable cost program by providing the data you need to manage product.


Our Team



Jim Savarese

Jim@aim2excel.net  |  530.848.7979

After serving in the US Navy during the Vietnam campaign, I joined NCR’s Systemedia Division. Systemedia supported the print side of the sales of accounting machines to include the Century One computer. I had excellent productivity in the sales of print and became a head sales manager. In 1972 I worked with Duplex Products, Inc in NYC. I succeeded there in opening some of the largest accounts for Duplex Products while in NYC. As a result, I was promoted and transferred to San Francisco CA. I shortly became the Regional Manager for Northern CA. Within a few years I took my career to the next step by becoming the General Manager for all of California. 

In 2011 I retired for a short period of time and then saw a need in the community. I began to develop Aim2Excel to meet the needs of businesses both big and small. To support the community I live, work, and worship in by providing opportunities for sales professionals and delivering on outstanding products and services. While sales growth and profitability are crucial, I focus on integrity, honesty, and credibility in the workplace through Aim2Excel.


Pat Maddox 

Pat@aim2excel.net  |  209.747.3900

Beginning my sales career in San Diego CA in the late 70’s, I started selling for one of the largest sporting goods companies in the area. From there I worked my way up to Team Sales and began working with High School and College sports teams. My passion was designing high quality Pro Style uniforms and serving the needs of my community. Another passion of mine was surfing, I began working with and helped design apparel for some of the biggest names in the surf industry. After marrying my wife Sandra, we found our way to Northern California as I began my career in the Print Industry with Vanier Graphics Corporation and the rest as they say is Print, Promotional and Corporate Apparel history. 

With 30 plus years in the print industry and a passion for working with organizations both large and small to reduce overall expense, while improving overall productivity in any print related items. This is what makes Aim2Excel a great partner for all your print and marketing projects.


Nathan Carlson

Nathan@aim2excel.net  |  916.573.0503

With over 15 years in banking and management, I have finally found my calling as the newest Vice President of Aim2Excel. My passion is being out in the community to make a difference in the lives of others and helping businesses grow to new levels. I'm highly active in local chambers and non-profit groups and I am always looking for new ways to make a difference in someone's life. 

My goal is not to just provide a product, but a solution for your business needs that will eliminate the stress or burden you have been dealing with. Allowing you more time to focus on your clients and growth of your business. I like partnering to the point that companies feel I'm one of their own staff members and family too. Let me be your personal ordering assistant and help save you on time and cost of current and new supplies you use every day.